image of casting lots

Susie and Yosef marry September 6, 1993.  They cast their lots and have worked tirelessly to make our planet a better place while raising an incredible gang of my grandkids.

SUSIE JODYNE AND ADAR LEAVING ETHIOPIA FOR AMERICA. Check out this video of the adoption.

We brought up our family rather godless so I was most surprised when Susie told me she thought she wanted to be a rabbi.  I didn't even know she was Jewish.

Many years ago, maybe 15 years now, Susie and Yosef packed up their family of three girls and two boys and moved to Israel for a couple of years. They never moved back to America.  They did come to us for the summers which was wonderful.  Damn kids and grandkids keep getting older.

This is me visiting her in Israel.

Susan has written an amazing odyssey of adoption from the trip of a mother and her sister going to Ethiopia to find the baby destined to become her child. 

‚ÄčThe goodness you see in Susie many years ago was to last a lifetime.

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