Aliza at 27 and Hallel at 24.with Janice in the middle

Hallel is arrested at the Western Wall advocating equal rights for women.  Being cute she asks a guard for pizza. The guard checked before telling her you can't order special food.

Everywhere Adar went Zamir was sure to follow.

Hallel, Zamir and Ashira​​ protesting at the Western Wall for equal rights for women.

The three little ones not so little

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​Janice with  the incredible Ashira. Our youngest.  She's in high school at a school for the performing arts.  She will follow in her auntie's footsteps.

Before my grandchildren had the nerve to grow up

Oldest Granddaughters, Aliza and Hallel

My ex-wife and friend, Beth Ann died and the next day her 5 grandchildren give God the finger

Drawing  by Zamir

I don't know how he did it but Afdar could do a Rubik's cube in seconds. Amazing!

Me and my gang at Dunkin Donuts.  Guess what holiday we were celebrating.