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Donald Silverman

Susie and granddaughter #2 Hallel being arrested in Israel for wearing a tallit (prayer shawl) at the Western Wall. Why? Because they're women of course. Hallel asked for a pizza in jail and the guard asked his supervisor but even pretty girls don't get pizza in jail.

​Sarah with her awesome boyfriend, Michael Sheen. Sarah is a comic actor and writer with two Emmy's under her belt.Type your paragraph here.

The oldest is Susie, daughter #1. She's the only one decent enough to give me grandchildren.She was kind enough to give us 5. This is Susie with the precious talented smart, Zamir.

My four daughters: Laura, Sarah, Susie and Jodyne! They are very close sisters but it's not too often we get the 4 of them together!

Daughters #2 and #3. Jodyne and Laura are both writers. Laura is also an actress. Jodyne wrote the book "Dump 'Em" How to break up with anyone from your best friend to your hairdresser. Laura has been in lots of movies and television, to mention a few "House" "Nurse Jackie, Masters of Sex,  King of Queens, The Comeback, Half Backed