The waiters of "52. I was so happy at Samoset and so miserable at Lawrence Academy. That gave me 2 happy months a year. We have a reunion every year for only those of us who are alive. We were waiters 70 years ago.

​My Life In Pictures

Susie, Sarah, Jodyne and Laura a long time ago

Sarah Jodyne meLaura Janice Susie and of course Bowser

Susie, Sarah, Jodyne, Laura so little so cute

My wife graduates high school

​We were all in Nantucket  so long ago

My parents and all my aunts and uncles on my mother's side. My Zadye (grandfather) is in the middle. My aunts and uncles always loved each other. Everyone's dead.

Rose and Max before marriage

​Janice and her championship tennis team